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Save 15% when you buy the Play Hard Bundle

The Play Bundle includes our original flagship product line making it perfect for a well-rounded and balanced good time. Great for before and after social gatherings where any kind of partying might take place. 

This lineup of products can help enhance any social experience by calming anxious nerves, improving focus and recall, helping you wind down at the end of it all, and aiding in recovery the next day.  

Great for:

  • Going out with friends
  • Before/after a party
  • Music Festivals
  • First Dates 
  • Adding another layer of protection to your mind and body before and after having a good time.  

The Play Bundle includes:

MIND Caps to help with focus, memory recall, and energy.

SOUL Drops for full-spectrum optimization. Take a little before you go out to ease anxiousness. Take a double dose at the end of the night to help you wind down and relax.  

Armor Caps to keep your immune system solid and strong for wherever your adventures take you.

Sweet Dreamzzz sleep gummies to help you wind down, relax, and fall asleep after the fun is over.  

Customer Reviews

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Bradley Petchell
Really helps to ease pain

I'm a Mason and I've been doing it for 12 years. I looked for an alternative for ibuprofen. After a couple days of the drops and the body capsuls I noticed a big difference. Very great product and very satisfied.

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