The 4 M's: Four weekly practices to improve your life.

 In this blog we want to share with you 4 easy-to-implement weekly habits that we guarantee will help you feel and perform at your best. --- Because the better you feel and perform, the more positive impact you'll make on the world around you.







#1: Move Your Body

First up we address the physical body. Our lovely meat suit adorned to us since birth.


This is the literal base for how we feel and move through the world so it's no mystery that the better the body feels, the better the mind functions.

Science has shown over and over that physical exercise can reduce inflammation, reduce the chance of heart attack, improve lung and circulatory function, and help treat depression.. among other things. (This article from Forbes explains more) 


At Henotic Hemp we are pretty enthusiastic about physical fitness. Life can be pretty messy and stressful at times and all that stressful energy needs to get out somehow. The act of moving the body and exerting energy does wonders to release all that stress and helps you feel better.

Theres a-lot more to exercising than abs and nice looking arms. A good exercise routine is a powerful anti-depressant and instills a sense of structure, routine, and discipline where it might be laking in a persons life. Again, its not just for looking good. That's just an added bonus. 


The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the average adult exercise for at least 150 minutes a week (2.5 hours) at a moderate-intensity level to gain substantial health benefits. You can read more here.

There are many ways to get those 150 minutes in every week. You could:

  • Join your local martial arts or jiujitsu gym
  • Join your local adult sporting league (hockey, softball, basketball) 
  • Exercise 5 days a week, for 30 minutes
  • Take your bike out onto some trails 

The ways to get your exercise are really endless. Even simple activities like playing with your kids or dog, or even having sex with your significant other can be used as a way to get in some of that beneficial physical strain. The world is your playground if you can see it that way.


And as an added bonus, taking CBD 30 minutes before physical activity is being shown to produce more of that "euphoric feeling" you get from exercise. Better known as "runners high", it is the natural release of endorphins that occurs during and after a workout. So you can exercise and feel great while doing it!



The bottom line is whether you're already an active athlete, or just getting started on your physical journey, doing something is better than nothing. Remember, It doesn't matter how slow you're going, you're still lapping everyone on the couch.





#2: Make Some Art

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” - Pablo Picasso 



Think back to when you were a young kid. Back when life was nothing but an adventure to be discovered.

All we would do is play, take naps, eat snacks and create things. We would make art. And we did it without even knowing we were doing it. We were always present, living right in the moment. 


As we grew up and went to school and got jobs and bought expensive things, most of us (not all of us, but MOST of us) forgot the importance of making our art. We forgot what it was like to slow down and just be completely present in creating something.


Now your initial thought might make you think we're talking about painting or making a sculpture, but that's not what we mean. Making art can be anything really. It's creating something or expressing yourself in some way that's significant to you. 

Writing some bad poetry, playing an instrument, building something with your hands, stacking rocks out in nature (seriously)... Are all forms of creating something.


Whether or not anyone else get to see and appreciate your art doesn't matter. Ultimately its for you.

The benefits that can come using your hands and your mind together to put something novel out into the universe are unknown until you try it. By doing so you create yet another outlet for yourself to let go of stress and who knows, you could discover a talent and passion for something you never knew you had! 






#3: Mend Your Being

What comes to mind when you hear the word Being?













 For us it is Body, Mind, and Spirit. (We know that last word might make some of you scoff but bare with us...)

Taking good care of our Being, by giving it what it needs to recover, is key to living a long, happy life... And even we forget to do it sometimes.


Here are 3 simple things we can do to help ourselves recover:

The facts are we live in a super fast paced world wear high output and production are held in the highest regard. Often, many of us wear things like sleep deprivation as a badge of honor, and cutting out time to rest can seem impossible. But what if there was a better way to do it?


Number One:



This is probably the biggest one and most important for staying in good health and preforming at a high level.

Numerous studies have shown that lack of proper sleep can lead to numerous mental and physical health issues. (Read more about sleep here.)

Fortunately there are alot of proven techniques for getting better sleep like... avoiding blue light/screens a few hours before bed, keeping a nightly routine for winding down, and taking supplements like melatonin and/or CBD can be crucial in helping you get the restful sleep you need.

Here at Henotic Hemp we find taking 50-100mg of Full-Spectrum CBD an hour before bed works great for getting a deep, restful nights sleep. You wake up the next day feeling energized and clear headed, not groggy and foggy like you do from traditional sleeping pills.

This podcast from Joe Rogan and Dr. Mathew Walker dives DEEP into just how important sleep is. Check it out!



Number Two:

Hydrate properly and use CBD.


Our bodies are made of 70% water (is that true? someone fact check that real quick) Regardless, hydrating properly is crucial to feeling good and preforming well. If you think about your brain like a sponge, the better hydrated it is the better it's going to function. Your muscles will feel better, you will digest your food better and your entire body will be in a better position to heal itself and preform its best.

So drink your water.

The old 'eight 8 ounce glasses a day' is a good place to start. That equals out to 64 ounces, or half a gallon. If you're active you should really be drinking at least a gallon of water every day. 


The second part of this should come as no surprise: Use CBD.


CBD is not only awesome for better sleep, but it is a POTENT anti-inflammatory. Compared to NSAIDS like Tylenol or Advil, CBD is a much safer and better alternative for reducing pain and inflammation. There are really no side effects from taking CBD, where as NSAIDS are very hard on the stomach and liver and can do a lot of damage if taken for long periods of time. This article from explains more in depth.

Inflammation, wherever it be, is said to be the root of all health-related-evil. The better handle you keep on reducing inflammation throughout the body, the greater your chances are at preventing disease and ailments.

Pair these anti-inflammatory effects with CBD's anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects and you place your body in the best position possible to mend itself. 

CBD works by acting on CB2 receptors, which are prevalent throughout the body and Endocannabinoid System. The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is responsible for keeping the body and mind in a state of homeostasis, or balance. The better nutrients you give to this system and your body -CBD being the key here- the better you are going to feel and function.

You can shop here for: CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD balms, CBD lotions, and more.

CBD is proving to be a superior nutrient and one that will likely become a staple in the American Diet for many years to come.

Your body takes care of you all week. Take care of your body by giving it what is needs to mend itself best!


Number Three:

Make time to get still.


Getting still can be thought of as giving your mind a rest. Slowing down and forgetting about all the to-do lists and shoulda, woulda, coulda's that we all deal with on an almost-constant basis. 

The practice of intentionally getting still can do wonders for reducing stress and anxiety and gives the mind a chance to rest, other than when you're just sleeping.


So how do we practice stillness? Well theres a couple techniques we find work best.


The first practice is simple meditation. This can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes a day and at bottom is simply the act of sitting still and observing the present moment. Watching the breath come and go, observing a sound or thought pop into and out of awareness, or paying very close attention to feelings within your body. All of these are objects in meditation to be observed and seen for what they really are: impermanent and always changing. 

There are many apps to aid in meditation and something for everyone no matter what your meditation experience might be. Free apps like Insight Timer are an excellent place to start for beginners, and subscription based apps like the Waking Up app is great for anyone looking to deepen and expand there meditation practice.

10minutes of meditation a day can give you back hours later on as you learn to deal with stress better.


The second thing we can do to find stillness is to get out in nature. This one is about as simple and easy as it gets when it comes to healthy practices.

Going for a walk in the woods, by a lake, or through a park is nurturing to the Being in ways that are hard to describe. There really is something to getting out into nature, breathing the fresh air, and listening to the sounds of life all around you. It's cleansing to the mind, washing it clean in a way.

Don't believe us? Go for a walk in the woods alone next time your stressed. We guarantee you'll feel better after.





#4: Maintain Your Relationships


Finally we have made it to the last of the 4 M's and this one is certainly not least. It might even be the most important.


It wasn't until very recently in human evolution that we moved from living in small groups and tribes, to living primarily independent of one another. For millennia, being apart of the group was paramount to survival where human touch and connection was anything but scares.

Today, technologies like door dash and curbside pickup allow for minimal interaction with other humans, if we so wish. Apps like Facebook and Snapchat give us a way to connect with one another, but without really having to be vulnerable. We are slowly drifting further and further away from eachother.


To combat this We have to get intentional with our relationships.


This means breaking free from the hypnotic haze of technology and getting present with the ones we care about. It means making time for what's truly important and what truly matters; our connection with others. Because in the end thats thats will mean the most.


There is strong evidence to suggest that the better personal relationships a person has, the healthier and happier they are. Here is a fantastic paper breaking down the science behind these claims.


Whether it's our relationship with our pets, our kids, our significant other, close family, or friends, we all have a relationship that could be better.

Making the time to call your friend and chat for a few minutes, reading to your child before bed, surprising your spouse with a date, or just loving on your pet for a few extra minutes, will build and strengthen the ties you have with those individuals. It will make you feel better and the one you're with feel better, too.


You can't make others feel better without feeling better yourself. It’s a law of nature.

Every interaction we have sends ripples out into the world. Be mindful to make your ripples positive ones. 




So in conclusion:

  1. Move Your Body

  2. Make Some Art

  3. Mend Your Being 

  4. Maintain Your Relationships 



We hope you enjoyed this blog and found practical and useful information within it. At Henotic Hemp we are striving to help those who use our hemp derived products live more mindful and motivated lives. We provide top quality CBD supplements for a more sustainable life and Hemp Apparel for a more sustainable wardrobe. Our mission is to make the world a more mindful and enjoyable place to live in, starting at the individual level.

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