-While battling a strong opiate dependence, the founder discovered CBD and was able to beat his addiction. 
-The Idea for Henotic Hemp was born(2016)
-Located just outside Detroit, Michigan.
-We love the hemp plant and all that it can do for us. 
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Balanced Living
Growth Mindset
Unique Pursuit
Meaningful Existence 
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At Henotic Hemp our mission is to help our customers live their own version of a balanced and meaningful life, using our natural hemp derived supplements and quality hemp made apparel. 

We realize the immense power that resides in all of us and hate to see potential go to waste so we want to help our customers live a balanced lifestyle, where being open to growth and new ideas is always at the forefront. Always being mindful of what we say, do, and consume, and making sure to not take more than we need. We believe the world needs more people who are leading unique, authentic, and meaningful lives and we want to encourage those around us to celebrate what makes them different and to pursue fulfillment. We offer a variety of products to help our customers find what a balanced and meaningful life means to them.
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We believe in the hemp-derived supplements we provide and in their ability to assist those who use them on their own journey to becoming their best self. We know what it's like to not have control over our lives and to be at the mercy of our impulsive desires. Through experience, we've learned that sometimes all it takes is one small positive change which turns into another and another. Through the use of our natural hemp derived supplements, we believe our customers can get that subtle edge we all need to pursue the life we were meant for. 
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We offer quality hemp made apparel with minimal branding to give you a confident feel and unique style. Our products will make you look and feel good, inside and out. All of our apparel products are sustainably sourced and offer a unique way to lessen your ecological footprint. By choosing to add hemp made apparel to your wardrobe you're choosing an earth friendly and sustainable clothing option. Fast fashion is an ever growing problem on our already overly-taxed environment. We're here to combat that problem while not compromising on look or style. Wearing this powerful plant is not just good for the earth, its good for you, and we know you'll feel the difference. 
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We strive to offer the best hemp products on the market and sincerely believe in their ability to help you get on the track of your intentional life. We believe even more so in the power of the hemp plant itself. We believe it has the ability to positively change our world, if we can only use it properly.
Hemp has the potential to transform our world, but first let it transform you. Find your track to a balanced and meaningful life and start living it today with Henotic Hemp.