Henotic Hemp

Henotic Hemp is a festival supplement company offering the highest quality cannabinoid supplements to support harm reduction and better health and wellness in the EDM community. It's our mission to inspire higher levels of health, connection, and balance in all who use our products. 

We know the magic of music festivals and the sets that leave you speechless. We also know how hard the crash can be on the other side. That's why we've created a well-rounded lineup of cannabinoid supplements that help support, protect, and aid in recovery so you can be more present in the all the magical moments life brings. 

Your mental and physical health is important. Having a great time shouldn't be a reason to treat yourself poorly. Head banging and self-care are synonymous.  We're here to offer the added support your mind and body needs when you're having another "best time ever". 

CBD has many amazing uses, but out of all of them we believe in the power of CBD to positively effect mental health when addressing things like depression, anxiety, and addiction. At Henotic Hemp we have deeply struggled with all of these things and are grateful to still be here, doing what we do. 


Founder of Henotic Hemp, Josh. Josh struggled with substance abuse issues most of his life and found CBD when he was at his lowest point addicted to heroin. He credits CBD, plant medicines, and EDM for saving his life after numerous overdoses.