"I really need to get back on track."

Sound familiar?

It's no profound insight to say that life is crazy, and sometimes we lose sight of center.

You make plans to begin healthy practices "tomorrow" or "next week" or "next month," but often, when the time comes, you're too tired and too stressed to commit to the process of taking control of your life, and you never start...

Or maybe you have already established wellness practices of your own, but have found yourself slacking. You want to get back on track but are having difficulty getting motivated.

If any of that resonates, then this challenge is for you.

We struggle like you struggle–and what we have found is that the times when we feel the most free is when we are living disciplined. Doing small things for our minds, bodies, and spirits on a consistent basis.
The secret is that discipline is a skill. And it can be gained or lost depending on how much you work on it. This is a great thing to understand because for many of us it might seem like some people just have it and others don't. No one likes doing things they don't feel like doing but it's the people who push past the resistance that are more likely to be healthy and happy.

That's what the Hustle and Heal 30-day Challenge is all about:  designed to inspire growth, strengthen that discipline muscle, and jump-start momentum over a 30-day period.
This challenge incorporates growth for the mind, body, and spirit by combining daily very simple nutrition, meditation, movement, and reading practices that will help bring you back to a centered state of being and into alignment with a healthy, happy, and harmonious version of yourself.
The Hustle and Heal 30-day Challenge consist of four daily practices:
Easy, simple-to-do practices, that require little to no resources and can be done in about one hours time.  
There is one catch though.
Once you start the challenge you have to complete all four daily tasks to completion, everyday, for 30 days in a row. If you fall short on one task you have to start over at day 1. NO EXCEPTIONS 
BUT! if you complete the challenge, you not only will have built a ton of momentum, strengthened your discipline, and learned what it feels like to be in harmony with your best self and life's higher vibrations, you will have the opportunity to get A FREE product of your choice from Henotic by simply sharing a picture of your challenge log on social media.