"I really need to get back on track."

Sound familiar?

It's no profound insight to say that life is crazy, and sometimes it downright kicks your ass.

You make plans to begin healthy practices "tomorrow" or "next week" or "next month," but often, when the time comes, you're too tired and too stressed to commit to the process of taking control of your life, and you never start...

Or maybe you have already established wellness practices of your own, but have found yourself slacking. You want to get back on track but are having difficulty getting motivated.

If any of that resonates, then this challenge is for you.

You see, we struggle like you struggle–and what we have found works best in times of chaos is good foundational habits.

Simple yet solid practices you can use to control at least something when life has gone crazy, and you have lost your way. A little control, or self-discipline, whichever you prefer, is more times than not, just what we need to gain back balance in our lives and get back in harmony with life's higher vibrations. 

That's why we made this challenge which will help sharpen your Mind, strengthen your Body, and center your Soul.
The Hustle and Heal 30-day Challenge consist of four daily practices:
Easy, simple-to-do practices, that require little to no resources and can be done in about one hours time.  

All it takes is that first positive decision, which leads to another, and then another.

And before you know it, you have momentum going in a beneficial and healthy direction where your thoughts are clear, energy is high, confidence is present, and you feel the way you're supposed to feel.

Get back on track to being your best self. Get back Harmony. 
Make that first positive decision and join the Hustle and Heal 30-day challenge.
When you download the challenge, you'll get a 30-day log to keep track of your daily challenges, resources to help you complete the challenge, and the opportunity to receive two FREE products of your choice from Henotic Hemp.
So what are you waiting for?