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MIND Caps | CBD Focus + Energy


When you want to get in harmony with your highest, best self, MIND Caps will get you there.

Our best-selling CBD nootropic blend formula and company favorite. 

MIND Caps CBD focus capsules offer 20mg of organically sourced CBD isolate mixed with natural nootropic ingredients like 5HTP and Alpha GPC for brain system support and improved cognitive function. No jitters or racy feelings, MIND Caps provide a calm and confident flow state.

Naturally boosts serotonin and acetylcholine levels: Two key neurotransmitters that are responsible for mood and fluid thought. 

  • Improves focus, energy, memory, mood
  • Reduces social anxiety 
  • Assists getting into flow state 
  • Neuroprotectant 
  • Great for brain health in general and helps fight cognitive decline
  • Improves recovery time from the "Tuesday blues"

Product Info

  • 20mg CBD isolate per serving
  • 60 servings per bottle
  • THC Free
  • Made from 100% organically grown USA hemp (non-GMO and pesticide-free)
  • Made in a cGMP-certified and FDA-registered facility 

Nootropic ingredients

Choline Powder, 5HTP, Alpha GPC, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Forskolin, Artichoke Heart.

Nootropics are a class of substances that can boost brain performance. Like protein benefits muscle health, nootropics benefit the brain. Nootropics can improve cognitive function and may even play a role in preventing neurodegenerative diseases.  

Test Results


MIND Caps L-303-1-21-1

MIND Caps L-303-6-23-1



**Federal law mandates that CBD products sold within the USA must contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis. All CBD products sold by Henotic Hemp are compliant with this law**

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Works great!

Noticed a chill and focused feeling after taking these. Enjoyed taking one mid day to keep me going through the work day without getting jacked on caffeine

Deborah Prater
Mental Clarity - Focus

I purchased Mind Caps for my son who has ADHD. As an adult, the constant and lingering thoughts in his head were all consuming. He tried mental health practitioners, and none of their therapies provided any relief. The next step was pharmaceuticals. (The possible side effects are pretty scary!) While in the process of finding a reputable psychiatrist and doing research on ADHD treatments, CBD came up as an alternative. I saw your website and a podcast. You seemed sincere in your quest to help others live their best lives. My son has been taking the Mind Caps and has found relief from the constant barrage of thoughts. These thoughts have become background noise versus a constant bombardment in the forefront. The Mind Caps have given him better mental clarity and better ability to focus. I am hopeful this will continue and give him a better quality of life.

Tamara Howe
Mind Caps Focus Blend

I was hesitant in the beginning about this product but I take it everyday and have seen a remarkable increase in my memory. I highly recommend this product.

David Nufinshlager
MIND Caps = MIND Blown!!

Henotic Hemp's MIND Caps are the REAL deal! I am a father of 2 kiddos, both under 3, so sleep can be hard to come by somedays.... constant caffeine intake can be more anxiety provoking than focus inducing. MIND Caps provide me clear, focused and non-jittery energy for an extended period of time. I wouldn't even consider it "energy" really, more like - increased ability to focus and MOST importantly - stay motivated! Henotic has a superb product here - HIGHLY recommend.

Mind/Life caps

I was stressed, tired and unable to keep up with everything going on in my life and these little caps gave me the focus and energy to catch up, in turn making me less stressed and enjoy life!

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