The bleeding edge, teetering between chaos and order, is one fine line to walk. 
The story of Henotic Hemp begins there. 
The story of Henotic Hemp is all of our stories. 
We are all the Heros of our own Journeys. Each one of of us coming from very unique circumstances which have defined who we are.
Henotic Hemp is no different. The idea of a Henotic Life, like many great things, was manifest through overcoming significant adversity.
In November of 2016 a life was wavering on the edge of destruction. That life was saved and an idea was born thanks in part to CBD.
A passion was ignited for this molecule and the plant it comes from, Hemp. 
From the start, our mission has been to spread this good news. To share and provide our customers with a chance to make their lives a little bit better through CBD and hemp made goods.
The word 'henotic' means to spread peace and harmony; to Unify 
We believe hemp can and will play a huge role in unifying our species to overcome certain obstacles we face. 
Just like we must unify the best in our own selves in order to contribute and not take away from this life, we must unify as a whole in order to leave behind a home better than the one we found. 
Hemp can be an axiom on which we lean on moving forward into the future. 
At Henotic Hemp we are determined to bring unity and balance back into our customers lives and our world as a whole.
Join us on our journey.
Join us in living a Henotic Life.